Introducing Mindfulness to your Primary Students

Mindfulness can be a difficult topic to introduce to young children; however there are many books available that explain it in a way that makes sense to them. One book that provides a good starting point for incorporating mindfulness into your classroom is I am Peace by Susan Verde with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds. It starts with a young child who says that they feel “like a boat with no anchor” and that “there are times when I worry about what might happen next and what happened before.” When reading this book to your students, it would be useful to stop for discussion and ask students if they ever feel this way and what causes these feelings. Encouraging students to make connections to the story will help help them to build an interest in practicing mindfulness which will result in more engagement.  After the child in the book explains how they feel, they use breathing, acts of kindness, connecting to nature, and their senses to become more centred and learn to live in the moment. By practicing the techniques that the child from the book uses, your students can learn to find peace in the classroom, on the playground, or at home.


Verde, Susan, and Peter H. Reynolds. I am peace: a book of mindfulness. Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Mindfulness to your Primary Students”

  1. I checked out this book on amazon and it looks AMAZING! Have you had the opportunity to try out any of these techniques?


    1. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend more than a few minutes a time introducing mindfulness to my students but I plan to when I am in the classroom next. I have done some short breathing exercises using a Hoberman sphere. I use it to help students control their breathing. Then I ask them to focus on where they feel their breath most (nostrils, chest, etc) and use that as an anchor to keep their thoughts in the moment. Some haven’t been able to find their anchor yet but the mindful breathing alone has been very effective.


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